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TMJ Treatment Options

TMJ Treatment Options
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Temporomandibular joint disorder also known as TMJ, causes frequent issues for many people. The disorder can make chewing regular foods difficult and has also known to cause frequent headaches. This disorder originates from misalignment or inflammation in the jaw joint. Your oral surgeon can treat TMJ using a few different methods. Here are some treatment options that can help treat TMJ.

Home Care Techniques 

Your oral surgeon will conduct an evaluation in order to determine if your TMJ can be corrected at home with some self-care methods. If so, they can recommend consistently resting your jaw, applying ice and heat as prescribed, or eating soft foods for a while so your jaw joint can heal. However, your oral surgeon may also suggest other treatment methods such as dental devices or surgery depending on the severity of your symptoms.

Dental Devices

Your surgeon will treat TMJ by developing a custom-made tool that can realign your teeth. This method is suggested if TMJ has caused your bite to become misaligned. A mouth guard is the least invasive device that can be used if the TMJ disorder is considered a mild case. Artificial tooth replacements may also be an option for some of the more common cases, such as bridges and dentures. Lastly, if a recent injury is the cause of TMJ, a splint can be used to keep the joint stable so you can heal properly.

The Surgical Route

TMJ is sometimes caused by unaligned teeth. That includes having an open bite and a protruding or receding lower jaw. In this case, surgery is typically the best route. Using surgery to correct jaw placement will reduce or eliminate pain being caused by TMJ.

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TMJ affects more than 3 million Americans and could also be the cause of your continuous jaw pain. If you have questions about TJM and the treatment options, call our Mission Viejo, CA offices to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jenny Liang today.