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Repair Jaw Bone Damage With Bone Grafting

Lost bone density in your jaw? Bone grafting may be the answer!
Bone Grafting in Mission Viejo, CA

Over time, the hard tissues of your mouth can begin to wear down, causing bone loss and bone density reduction. At Bear Coast Dentistry, we are pleased to offer bone grafting to replace the bone that has been lost. Call (949) 379-8095 to set up an appointment to talk about bone grafts with Dr. Jenny Liang.

Dr. Jenny is the best and the most gentle dentist. Her and her staff are so wonderfully sweet and friendly.
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Bone Loss in the Mouth Is a Common Dental Problem

When you realize you have lost bone in your mouth because of advanced periodontal disease, a trauma, a medical condition, or some other factor, you may feel as if you are the only one with this problem. However, our dentists have treated patients with this issue throughout their careers and are quite familiar with the latest procedures to restore bone through jaw bone graft surgeries.

For an evaluation, please call us at (949) 379-8095 to schedule an appointment to talk about bone grafting with our compassionate, highly trained team.

bone graftingOur Bone Grafting Procedures

Bone is living material. When healthy bone is surgically attached to bone that has lost density and has become brittle, the unhealthy bone can be restored to its original strength. This procedure is performed in-house at Bear Coast Dentistry using high-tech tools to efficiently give you the results you deserve. It will take several months for the new bone to permanently fuse with the old bone; when the fusion is completed, your bone will be stronger, and your teeth and mouth will be better protected.

Where Does New Bone Material Come From?

The bone that is used for jaw bone grafting can come from several sources. It may be from your own body, it may be from a human donor’s body, or it could come from an animal source. When you come in for your initial appointment to talk about bone grafting, we will review your condition and provide you with bone material source suggestions.

Bone Grafts May Be Covered by Insurance

If you have health and/or dental insurance, your plan may cover all or part of a bone graft surgical procedure. When you call us at (949) 379-8095, feel free to ask our front office manager about paying for bone grafts.

Bear Coast Dentistry offers the most advanced bone grafting services for you and your loved ones. Contact us at (949) 379-8095 to schedule your appointment.