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All-on-4 Dental Implants - Mission Viejo, CA

Enjoy the benefits of immediate implants with this revolutionary way to get teeth in a day!
All-On-4® Implants in Mission Viejo, CA

Are you missing the teeth in your upper or lower arch? You may be a candidate for All-on-4®, full mouth dental implants. This procedure provides you with immediate implants and a complete smile after just one surgery! Call (949) 379-8095 to set up an appointment with Dr. Jenny Liang at Bear Coast Dentistry.

I lost a crown on a tooth this morning. I called for an appointment and was seen right away. Everyone was very friendly. Dr. Jenny explained all my options clearly, but was able to put the existing crown back on for now. I was in and out quickly, and they did a great job. Thank you!
Kris M.

How All-on-4® Implants Can Transform Your Mouth

Years ago, dental patients who had lost a row of teeth had few options when it came to getting teeth replacements immediately. Essentially, they would be fitted for dentures but often had to go for weeks or months without being able to enjoy the function and appearance of a full set of teeth.

Now the All-on-4®, full mouth dental implants procedure can enable us to give you a complete arch of natural-looking replacement teeth in one day! Call (949) 379-8095 for more information on this exciting, safe, and effective treatment option.

all on 4All-on-4® Implant Surgery – The Efficient Way to Get a Smile…Today!

All-on-4®, full arch dental implant surgery involves the strategic placement of four titanium posts into the gums and bone of the jaw. These posts serve as anchors for a denture that has already been carefully created to mimic the natural structure of the patient’s mouth. All immediate implants are constructed of a material that looks like natural teeth; this makes them blend in completely with any teeth that are remaining.

Enjoy Teeth-in-a-Day® with All-on-4® Implants!

One of the most amazing aspects of the All-on-4®, full arch dental implants procedure is seeing the faces of patients after they go through the surgery. Most are thrilled to have a complete smile back, and we rejoice with them because we know the challenges they have faced. Let us help you bring back the health, function, and look of your smile with immediate implants!

All-on-4® can provide a smile in just one appointment! Find out more by making an appointment with us at our Mission Viejo, CA, office today. Call (949) 379-8095 to get on our schedule!