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Looking for a replacement for a missing tooth? Find out more about dental implants in Mission Viejo, CA!
Dental Implants in Mission Viejo, CA

The statistics tell us that most adults have at least one missing tooth by the time they reach their forties. If you fall in that category, we want to see you! Call our Mission Viejo, CA, dental office at (949) 379-8095 to make an appointment to discuss how dental implants could provide you with a permanent solution to the problem of missing teeth!

It was hard changing dentist after more than 25 years but I made the right choice for several reasons. Top of my list, I am always treated like a friend of the family and I am impressed with the level of technology they use in their practice.
Rodney Y.

dental implantWhy Replace Your Missing Teeth?

When a tooth falls out or has to be extracted, the area immediately begins to take a new shape. Without the tooth in place, the bone stops being stimulated and begins a process called reabsorption. During reabsorption, the bone becomes smaller and weaker. This leads to a change in the form of the gum line, often creating unwelcome contours that look unnatural.

The other problem that occurs when a tooth is no longer in place is bacterial buildup at the site. Without the tooth to protect the bone, bacteria can begin to hide inside the empty area. This can lead to advanced gum disease and problems with the surrounding teeth.

Stop taking chances, and start taking charge! Call (949) 379-8095 to talk to us about getting a dental implant.

How Tooth Replacement Surgery Works

Tooth replacement surgery is a three-part process.

During the first surgery, a titanium post is embedded into the area where the natural tooth used to be. This titanium post acts just like the tooth root, stimulating the bone around it and preventing reabsorption. Once the post is securely in place, the area will be allowed to heal for several months.

At the second surgery, an abutment will be added to the titanium post. This abutment will support a permanent dental crown, which will be made between the second and third visits. In the meantime, a temporary tooth crown will be placed on the abutment.

At the time of the final appointment, the permanent dental crown will be adjusted for a perfect fit then permanently bonded with the abutment. Most dental implants are expected to last at least 20 years.

Replace your missing tooth with a dental implant from Bear Coast Dentistry in Mission Viejo, CA. We can be reached at (949) 379-8095 and are here to answer any questions you may have about this revolutionary way to complete your smile.