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Want orthodontics without the metal? Choose invisible braces!
Invisalign® in Mission Viejo, CA

When Invisalign® initially became available to patients more than 15 years ago, they were amazed at how effective this method of straightening teeth could be. Now, Invisalign® invisible braces are even more advanced and promise greater results. Learn how you can change your smile without anyone knowing! Call (949) 379-8095 for a consultation with an Invisalign® certified dentist at Bear Coast Dentistry.

Dr Jenny is the best!!! And Catherine gave me the deepest cleaning I’ve ever had and was probably the sweetest woman I’ve ever met. And thank you to the lovely lady at the front desk who helped me… with my insurance! 😅 A+ across the board!
Teresa G.

The Advantages of Invisalign® Are Truly Clear!

Are you looking for a method to straighten your teeth without the need for metal brackets and wires? Invisalign® invisible braces give you the benefits you want and may be partially covered by your dental insurance, including the following:

  • Your braces will be practically invisible. This makes them perfect for professionals who want to fix crooked teeth in a discreet way!
  • You will be able to eat what you want. Because the Invisalign® clear aligners are removed during meals and snacks, you can enjoy the foods you love!
  • You can clean in between your teeth. In fact, you will be able to floss and brush as you normally do.

Contact Bear Coast Dentistry at (949) 379-8095 to talk about Invisalign® for you or a family member.

invisalign trayInvisalign® Moves Teeth One Tray at a Time

The Invisalign® system uses clear plastic aligner trays that you insert in your mouth every two weeks or so. These trays are constructed based on 3D models of your mouth, and are designed to gradually move your teeth to a healthy position.

The length of time you will need your invisible braces will depend upon how crooked your teeth are. When you are evaluated for Invisalign®, your dentist can give you a better understanding of the time commitment involved.

Are you ready for a new look the invisible way? Make an appointment with an Invisalign® certified dentist in Mission Viejo, CA, at (949) 379-8095 right now!