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Keep gum disease from progressing with periodontics in Mission Viejo, CA.
Periodontics in Mission Viejo, CA

Are you one of the millions of people with periodontal disease? Without advanced periodontics in Mission Viejo, CA, your teeth and gums could be at serious risk. Contact the team at Bear Coast Dentistry, (949) 379-8095, to discuss setting up a periodontal maintenance schedule with Dr. Jenny Liang or Dr. Silvia Huang-Yue.

I have come away from my first visit feeling that they are the nicest team of people to have looking after one’s teeth.
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How Do You Know If You Have Gum Disease?

periodonticsIn the early stages of gum disease – known as gingivitis – it may be difficult to realize that you have a problem with the soft tissues of your mouth. However, there are often warning signs that periodontal disease might be affecting your dental health:

  • Your gums bleed after brushing, flossing, and eating.
  • Your gums are puffy, red, and sore.
  • You have bad breath that never seems to go away.
  • Your gums are starting to recede from the teeth.
  • Your teeth are becoming loose.

If you have noticed these or other signs, please call (949) 379-8095 to talk about periodontics in Mission Viejo, CA.

Control Your Periodontal Disease With Our Services

You have many options when it comes to dealing with your gum disease. Some of our most recommended solutions include routine periodontal maintenance, scaling and root planing, gingivectomy, and osseous surgery.

Develop a Periodontal Maintenance Plan

Beyond getting regular dental checkups every six months, it is important for anyone with periodontal disease to schedule maintenance appointments as well. During these appointments, our dentists and hygienists will deep clean the teeth and gums, getting to areas that cannot be thoroughly sanitized at home.

Scaling and Root Planing for Thorough Cleansing

Scaling and root planing is a process that allows the dentists to get to the area between the gums and teeth. After applying a numbing agent, the dentist will pull back the gums and use a safe, comfortable laser to destroy any bacteria on the surface of the tooth and tooth root. After scaling and root planing, the gums are restored to proper alignment to protect the teeth and reduce the size of the periodontal pockets.

Remove Unhealthy Gum Tissue With a Gingivectomy

Periodontal disease can cause gum tissue to break down and become unhealthy. A gingivectomy is a common method of removing all the gum tissue between the teeth and gums that has become diseased. The remaining gum tissue is pink, healthy, and stronger.

Strengthen Bone with Osseous Surgery

The bone at the base of the teeth sometimes becomes pitted because of advanced periodontal disease. At this point, the dentist can surgically pull back the gums and safely use a laser to smooth out the bone. In the future, bacteria are less likely to “hide” in the bone thanks to this procedure.

Learn more about periodontics in Mission Viejo, CA. Call the Bear Coast Dentistry team at (949) 379-8095.