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TMJ Treatment - Mission Viejo, CA

Are you suffering from the pain and discomfort of TMJ? Call Bear Coast Dentistry today for relief!
TMJ Treatment in Mission Viejo, CA

TMJ is a condition that we frequently see at our office in Mission Viejo, CA. In fact, it affects 10 million Americans each year. People suffering from this problem have pain in the joint of their jaw, chronic headaches, popping jaw, clicking jaw, sticking jaw, and more issues. The good news is that there is TMJ treatment available! Contact us at (949) 379-8095 and set up an appointment to talk about your TMJ.

I just love this group! My special case is always cared for professionally and like family. They help me with “moments notice” appointments and this really makes life easy. Thanks so much!
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What Are the Signs of TMJ?

The signs of TMJ frequently include:

  • A soreness in the jaw, especially in the morning
  • A feeling that the jaw does not fit correctly
  • A popping or clicking sound when the jaw is opened
  • Problems with closing the jaw, especially after opening the mouth wide
  • Teeth grinding, often during the night

If you feel you may have TMJ, or you have been diagnosed with TMJ, call our Mission Viejo, CA, dental office at (949) 379-8095.

Our Advanced TMJ Treatment Services

tmj treatmentEvery case of TMJ is unique, but there are several advanced solutions that work well for most patients. These include dental devices that are worn while sleeping, state-of-the-art laser therapy and occlusal adjustment services.

Fast TMJ Pain Relief with Laser Therapy

At Bear Coast Dentistry we offer the latest in dental technology: laser therapy for TMJ pain. Our EPIC X laser can be used to gently relax your muscles to relieve inflammation and joint pain, without invasive treatment. The laser helps increase blood circulation which provides relief to the muscles quickly. Typically, treatment takes about 10 minutes and we often recommend 2-6 treatments spread out over a few days. Since every person is unique, we can discuss your individual treatment plan during your consultation.

How a Dental Night Guard Can Offer TMJ Relief

Our dentists have experience crafting night guards that are worn while a patient is at rest. The night guard keeps the mouth slightly open and in a more comfortable position. By reducing the stress on the jaw, we can offer patients a break from the jaw soreness commonly seen with TMJ.

Occlusal Adjustments Can Help the Jaw Function Properly

Have you ever felt as if your teeth are not aligned correctly? This may cause incidents of teeth grinding, also known as bruxism. Teeth grinding becomes an issue over time, because it leads to unnecessary wear and tear of the tooth enamel and structure.

An occlusal adjustment involves the grinding of the top surfaces of the teeth to provide a more proper fit. The difference is dramatic for many TMJ patients!

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Bear Coast Dentistry in Mission Viejo, CA proudly offers advanced TMJ treatment for patients of all ages! Contact our team to schedule a visit at (949) 379-8095.